Church History

Our church was formed in 1947 by the Sanderson family. In the early years of the church we grew from meeting in a tent to building a small church on the current Pinchot Park grounds. This church was know as Victory Full Gospel Church.

In 1956, the congregation decided to join the Eastern District of the Assemblies of God and the current church became known as Victory Gospel Assembly of God Church.

By 1964, the pastor and congregation began construction on the first part of our current church building. The old Victory Church was purchased by the Commonwealth of PA as part of Pinchot Park a few years later.

During this time, the construction of a new church, our current church building, began and services were conducted in the basement by August 1970 with the dedication and completion of the church as Pinchot Park Assembly of God Church in April, 1972.

By 1973, the congregation, entirely through their own efforts, started construction on a large addition which would consist of a large auditorium and additional classroom space. This was completed in April 1975.
Pinchot Park Christian Academy was organized in May 1975; the school was accredited and offered a full curriculum for grades one to twelve.

Unfortunately, during the mid 1980’s the church began to experience some financial hardships and closed the school and required some support from the district.

By January, 1995, active attendance was only 41; however God had a plan for this church as it started to turn around in March 1995.

In September 1995 the church became sovereign once again and is truly operating under the blessing of God. It is financially stable with a full working ministry program for all ages.

There is an abundance of love and unity in the church and services are truly alive with the presence of God.

Today, we continue to be blessed by God; as he allows us to provide several ministries within for all age groups.  All the praise and glory to God.


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