We introduce missions to our children at a very young age through the Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade program.  Our children are encouraged to bring their “Buddy Barrels” filled with an offering on the FOURTH Sunday of each month.  This money is used to help spread the Gospel message to boys and girls in another country.

National BGMC Website:


What is BGMC

BGMC is the missions education emphasis for children in the Assemblies of God. It provides resources to help teach kids about missions. It supports our missionaries in their fields of ministry in America and around the world.

Did you know? Among the Assemblies of God Missionaries, 85% were called to be missionaries while they were between the ages of 9 and 13!

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Looking for information about our many Assemblies of God Missionaries?

The following links will take you to our online directories where you can look up missionaries and get contact information and even photographs!

Note: Due to the sensitivity of some countries where our missionaries are positioned, it would be dangerous for us to post information about their identities and locations. For this reason, not every Assemblies of God missionary is listed on the online directories.

World Missionaries

United States Missionaries


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