Vocal Ministry: Choir

Choir Leader: Melina (Mel) Kraly

Choir Members: Robin Albert (Alto), Ruth Carey (Alto), Mike Carey (Baritone/Bass), Anderson Runk (Tenor), Joy Albert (Soprano/Alto), Karen Webb (Soprano), Debbie Runk (Alto/Soprano)








Anyone can join Voice Rejoice Choir:  Must be at least 15 years old and must believe in God.  You do not need to be a member of our church or church family.

Robin Albert: Alto

Robin’s Bio: I have always been afraid of singing in front of people, but I always wanted to be a part of a singing group and be a blessing to others.  With the Lord’s help, I have a new boldness to sing out!  I am so blessed to be able to be a part of “Voice Rejoice” and develop sweet relationships.  Let’s not forget our awesome director, Mel.  She is so beautiful, inside and out and she can really sing!!  So grateful for her obedience to the Lord in starting this group.
Ruth’s Bio: I’ve always enjoyed singing, so when the opportunity came up to sing and praise God at the same time (in the form of the choir) I decided to join.  I also get to support my daughter, Mel, in the calling God has put on her heart.  

Ruth Carey: Alto


Mike Carey: Baritone\Bass


Mike’s Bio: When the Lord inspired my daughter, Mel, to start the choir; I was more than happy to support her in her ministry.  I’m so glad she is using the talents God has given her in a way that I believe is pleasing to Him.She has a beautiful voice and God has given her the gift of arranging songs in a manner that is both challenging and pleasing to the ear.
Anderson’s Bio: Singing is such a big part of who I am.  Worship is one of the greatest ways we connect to the heart of God.  That’s why I love singing so much.

Anderson Runk: Tenor

Joy Albert: Soprano\Alto

Joy’s Bio: For many years, I have wanted our church to have a choir.  There was always so much God-given talent in our church family. I am so thankful that Mel followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to start Voice Rejoice.It is challenging and we have a great time.
Karen’s Bio: I joined the choir simply because I love to sing and feel passionately about using my talents for the Lord!It is an honor to be part of the PPAG choir. 

Karen Webb: Soprano

Debbie Runk: Alto\Soprano

Debbie’s Bio: I just love being on the choir since I read that the Lord God Almighty, sings and dances over us.  It makes me want to sing even more.  It’s an awesome way to help us feel closer to Him.  For when we lift Him up, he lifts us up.  So, we hope that the songs Mel, our great choir leader, puts together for us to sing, does just that: lift us and others into the presence of God.
Mel’s Bio: Music is my life.  I’ve been singing since I was 2, started picking out harmonies by 8 and when I was 20 years old, God told me I was going to direct a choir.He instilled in me such passion for this ministry.  I love choir practice and I love this group!Anyone is welcome to join as long as they meet the guidelines. My favorite part of church service is the worship music.  I feel most connected to God when I’m singing praises to Him.  It’s so true what that old hymn says: In my heart there rings a melody of love.

Melinda (Mel) Kraly

Voice Rejoice Leader